Monday, September 06, 2004


"First Adam was alone in Eden`s Garden, and as he was alone God created Eve to make him company and procriate... and continue the generations to come... " says the Bibble in its Genesis Book. And this way our society created its rules and regulations that should never be broken - Those who desobey would burn in hell and burn for ever and ever... In fact not only the Bibble but all ( or most) holly books we have knowledge of.
Having attraction physically , emotionally or sentimentally for someone of the same gender is a terrible sin for most religions.And maybe will be for a long time. "... You can´t swim against the stream..." a friend of mine told me one of these days and I asked him : ...But we´ve done this for thousands of years... !
I am not a gay rights number one flag waver and sometimes I even avoid to give my opinion about the matter in certain circunstances when I see I have no chance to at leat keep the argument in a good level , but I believe that these gay groups that go there on the streets and complain for their rights whatever happens is something terific, you know. They are really doing doing something we never had or would never have in our lives , and indirectlly they´re helping all of us to dream with a world with less prejudice and discrimation and to show to this stupid idiot tradicioanl society that we exist, loudly or in silence.
We can observe that the reason why homossexualism was so much descriminated in the Middle Edge for instance was because those were dark moments of human society. Ignorance was everywhere and the fear of Mankind not multiply and give continuation to its species was strong. But we can notice that for a reasonable period of time it was very common in Greece in philosophical moments of our society but until today homossexualism is still a tabu for many families and many kinds of social groups. Scientist have been fighting to find its origin - maybe to discover the medicine for this "desease" for ever and probably extinguish our "race " from every part of the world. If this comes to pass I freak out when I think about what will happen to millions of gay and lesbians spread all over this planet and even futre generations. I wish this day never came... We can see the discrimination stream come down from up there in our religion and tradition mentality and goes down to the smaller parts of our society , including our friendshiphood , family , etc It´s a real line of newinquisition...

Friday, September 03, 2004


The objective of this box is to let you publish your announcement, wherever you are , no matter your country , religion or race. If we are all equal like humans you have the right to fight to be happy and look for the one who will complement your life.
In a world full of violence , war and free violation of human rights , why a man loving another man is considered a sin ? Or socially unaccepted or considered unnapropriate ? What is appropriate for our society ? Killing innocent children in wars spread all over the world ? Burning thousands of jews in gas chambers ? Or maybe discriminating others because of their spiritual beliefs , race or sexual orientation ?
World has been changing for the last decades and although it`s been very slowly we have hopes that one day we will live in a world where what you do in your bed will make no difference to our neighbors , friends or relatives... and one day we will be judged by what we have inside our souls and characters and not what kind of sex we do in bed with our partner.
Thinking about all these aspects this LOVE BOX was created and it`s real objective is not only help men meet other men to have a sex night stud or a LTR marriage, but much more than that... Our objective is to show to every visitor of this page and to the world - wether like it or not - that there are millions of gay men spread all over the world who believe that loving or having attraction for another man is not wrong and that we just decided to go through a different side of the road - Nothing more than that.
So, our dear visitor , If you get some identification with what we`ve written in these brief presentation and you´re looking for someone special in your life - Please be our guest , make your announcing and protest at the same time and be aware that many will praise you. Be our guest and post your announcement in our "comments" window now.


Dear visitor:
We want to welcome you to Adam4Adam blog. A typical gay page that has the objective of helping gay men in gay needs such as Gay Literature , advise in emotional needs by means of true testemonies of gay men and their relationship problems in the "comments" command , help and encourage gay relationships through our LOVE BOX - A place reserved for anouncements for singles who are looking for the right person , and an infinity of free services to help gay men have a better life in a world that until today is full of prejudice ,agressivity , rejection and abuse for gay men all around the world.
For you who are visiting this blog for the first time we can tell you : You are not alone !